Department of Public Policy and Public Administration

Vision of the Department

   The Department of Public Policy and Public Administration is intended for improving governance and public policy in India with a strong desire to lead policy thinking and policy formulation suggesting solutions to the emerging policy issues and problems. The Department aspires to enhance scholastic abilities and establish it as a policy think tank that develops and promotes alternative solutions to the issues concerned with society and critically evaluate public policies, to assess the performance of the public authorities and to organize programmes for raising the competencies of students, faculty and administrators.

Mission Statement of the Department

     The Department aims to transform itself into a reputable institution dealing with policy and administration issues to help governments at all levels to improve governance and also formulate strategic policy making. It aspires to be a leading institution of students, practitioners, alumni, faculty, and staff developing knowledge through teaching, research, and professional development emphasizing innovative management of public policy and services.

Core areas of the Department

—  Focus on both policy analysis and public governance – through teaching and research

—  Strong commitment to research with cutting edge infrastructure and technology

—  Focus on scholarly research and applied activities such as research contracts and professional development involving practitioners and students

—  Faculty development for teaching new domains in public policy and administration

—  Congenial atmosphere for faculty, staff, students, and alumni to develop skills and share knowledge

—  New perspectives to gain good reputation for innovation and productivity