Online Learning Resources (Annexure A)


Dear Students and Fellow Colleagues

THE Covid-19 pandemic has pushed schools, higher education institutions (HEIs) and training providers online to ensure that effective learning continues. While technology can facilitate seamless migration of face-to-face learning to a virtual platform, accessibility to quality digital content is crucial and vital.

As we jointly combat COVID 19 by taking preventive and precautionary measures, maintaining social distancing and staying in the confines of our homes/hostels, we can utilize this time productively by engaging in On-line learning. There are several ICT initiatives of the Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), UGC and its Inter University Centres (IUCs) - Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) and Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), in the form of digital platforms which can be accessed by the teachers, students and researchers in Universities and Colleges for broadening their horizon of learning. Following are the list of some of the ICT initiatives along with their access links:

1. Swayam On-line Courses

Swayam provides access to best teaching learning resources which were earlier delivered on the SWAYAM Platform may now be viewed by any learner free of cost without any registration.

                    SWAYAM Online Courses:

2. UG / PG MOOCs

UG / PG MOOCS hosts learning materials of the SWAYAM UG and PG (Non- Technology) archived courses.

                     UG/PG UGC-MOOCs:

A few other MOOCs providers  are given below for your reference:






Academic earth

University of the People

Open Yale Courses

Class central

Future Learn


3. e - PG Pathshala

e-PG Pathshala hosts high quality, curriculum-based, interactive e-content containing 23,000 modules (e-text and video) in 70 Post Graduate disciplines of social sciences, arts, fine arts and humanities, natural & mathematical sciences. Any person can take the best advantage of the recourses by clicking on following link

                        e-PG Pathshala:

4. e-Content courseware in UG subjects

e-Contents in 87 undergraduate courses with about 24,110 e-content modules are available in the CEC website through the link given below :

         e-Content Courseware in UG Subjects:

  A few other courseware links are given below for your reference:

MIT Courseware1

MIT Courseware2

MIT Courseware3


5. Swayamprabha-  A Repository of 32 DTH channels

Swayamprabha is a group of 32 DTH channels providing high quality educational curriculum based course contents covering diverse disciplines such as arts, science, commerce, performing arts, social sciences and humanities subjects, engineering, technology, law, medicine, agriculture etc. to all teachers, students and citizens across the country interested in lifelong learning. These channels are free to air and can also be accessed through your cable operator. The telecasted videos/lectures are also archived in the Swayamprabha portal. The link is as under :

                  SWAYAM PRABHA:

6. CEC - UGC Youtube channel

The CEC - UGC YouTube channel provides access to unlimited educational curriculum based lectures absolutely free.

     CEC UGC YouTube Channel:

7.   e-ShodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources: 


8. Vidwan 

VIDWAN is the premier database of profiles of scientists / researchers and other faculty members working at leading academic institutions and other R & D organisation involved in teaching and research in India. It provides important information about expert's background, contact address, experience, scholarly publications, skills and accomplishments, researcher identity, etc. The link is as under :


It is hoped that these ICT initiatives, which cover a broad range of subjects and courses and have been prepared by experts, will provide an excellent learning experience to all of you.