a) Vice Chancellor;                                                                                                                   Prof. Ashok Aima
Vice Chancellor
(Chairman, Ex-officio)
b) Pro-Vice Chancellor   ----
c) One person to be nominated by the Court Dr. Ashok Bhan
Patron, IIPA J&K Region Branch, Jammu,
Former Director General Jammu and Kashmir Police
(Court Member)

d) Three persons nominated by Executive Council, out of whom at least one shall be a member of the Executive Council.

a. Prof. Sushil Kumar Gupta
Professor, Division of Agroforestry
Faculty of Agriculture
SKUAST - Jammu
(Executive Council Member)

b. Prof. M. I Haque
Former Dean and Chairman, D/O Business 
Administration, Faculty of Management Studies and Research, AMU, Aligarh

c. Prof. Alok Mohan Sherry
National Institute of Financial Management
Faridabad, New Delhi

e) Three persons to be nominated by the Visitor.

a. Joint Secretary and Financial Advisor
MHRD, or his/her nominee from Finance Bureau (dealing with CUs), MHRD not
below the level of Under Secretary.

b. Joint Secretary (CU), MHRD, or his/her nominee not below the level of Under Secretary from Administrative Bureau.

c. Joint Secretary (CU), UGC, or any other officer not below the level of Under Secretary nominated by the Chairman, UGC.

f) Finance Officer

Secretary - Ex-officio