National Service Scheme



While we look for the prospects & future of this country we have to acknowledge that 65% of our population strata comprises of the youth. If there is cooperative youth energy, it can be harnessed for the productive channelization of skills and competencies of the youth enabling them to grow at individual level, institutional level and eventually at the national level.

 I am of the firm opinion that National Service Scheme is an expression of talent and vigour of youth force which must engage itself in terms of outreach activities to reach those who suffer from different forms of deprivation by creating an institutional mechanism so that youth starts owning the responsibility and ownership of our society, of university and of their own life. Therefore, I wish well for the NSS in the sense that they have emerged as one of the most visible and potent institution of student activities. This further needs to be sustained and strengthened so that the message goes across the country that the fate of the nation will be changed by the youth’s involvement in all the societal spheres in which we need to participate.