Department of Environmental Sciences

About the Department

The Department of Environmental Sciences (EVS), established in 2012, is offering M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences with an admission capacity of 30 per year. Four batches of students have been admitted; the first two have already passed out. The Department is focusing to provide quality education in Environmental Sciences, which has become extremely important in view of increasing development-sustainability conflicts, which largely impact plant, animal and human life on the planet Earth. The Department is committed to prepare its students for global competition in job market and research innovations through constant review, revision and updating of the course curriculum to keep pace with the advances made in the discipline, emerging areas of research and development and the new technologies to understand and ameliorate environmental problems. The present curriculum conforms to the Choice Based Credit System recommended by the UGC wherein the students have been given choice to specialize in Natural Resource Management, Environmental Geoscience, and Solid Waste Management. The teaching pedagogy is learner-oriented than the conventional classroom teaching. The Department is laying stress on hands-on training of the students in the Lab. and in the field. 

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