Memorial Lecture on Swami Vivekananda - : An Iconic Crusader of National Awakening and Emancipation
Jul 04, 2017

Swami Vivekananda Chair, Central University of Jammu organized Special Memorial Lecture on the death anniversary i.e. Resurrection Day of Swami Vivekananda on the topic “Swami Vivekananda: An Iconic Crusader of National Awakening and Emancipation” on 4th July, 2017. Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma, Hon’ble Member Parliament was the Chief Guest on the occasion. In his address, he laid emphasis on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and observed that the basic purpose of education is to impart Sankaras to the youth so that they can render useful service to the humanity. Swami Jee gave mantra of Universal Religion and declared that the poor and downtrodden sections of the society should be worshipped as embodiment of God. He advised the youth to follow the teachings of Swami Jee and perform their duties sincerely, so that they can lead the nation and achieve the goal of salvation and service to humanity.

Swami Nirantrananda from Sri Ramakrishna Mission was the Guest of Honour. In his lecture, he said that Swami Vivekananda was the Father of the Indian Nationalism. He acquainted people of India of its great culture, glorious civilization, philosophy of ethics, social structure and spiritual heritage. Swami Jee inculcated the spirit of nationalism among the people so that they should feel proud of being Indian.

Swami Sunishchalananda from Sri Ramakrishna Mission was the Guest of Honour. In his lecture, he pointed out that renunciation and service are symbolic and essential for social upliftment, education, technical expertise, women empowerment, etc. He laid stress that education should be character building and man making and future of India lies in harmonizing all religions and this can only be done by India and that will be a unique contribution to the world.

Professor Ashok Aima, Vice Chancellor Central University of Jammu in his Presidential remarks highlighted the essence of divinity and soul i.e. Aatma is Paramatma and emphasized that salvation and service must go together. He exhorted the audience that poverty of mind is more vicious and harmful than poverty in actual life of an individual and one should believe that Karma is Dharma. Prof. Aima further said that character transformation is essential for the growth and prosperity of the nation and we must accept coexistence and that can be done only through assimilation and simulation process.

The proceedings commenced with the welcome address of Professor S.K. Sharma, who is heading the Swami Vivekananda Chair. Prof. Sharma welcomed the dignitaries on the dais and off the dais. In his introductory remarks, he said that Swami Vivekananda was a prophet of strength and incarnation of God. He is role model for the Indian youth and Swami jee always opposed lack of courage, weakness and fear amongst the people of India. He said that religion can’t be indifferent from the agonies and sufferings of men and must always be at service of humanity and each one of us should dedicate to the motherland and that should be the only God of our adoration. Prof. Lokesh Kumar Verma, Academic Coordinator, delivered the Vote of Thanks. The function was attended by the cross-section of the society and the prominent among them were Sh. Ashok Koul, State General Secretary- BJP , Sh. S.K. Jain, President Vichaar Kranti Manch, Jammu. HODs, Deans, Faculty Members, Staff, Scholars and Students of the University attended the function in large numbers and Dr. Ravi Kumar, Resistrar of the University was also present on the occasion. The proceedings were conducted by Ms Akankshah and Ms Pihu Sharma.

Dr. S.K. Sharma
Professor Swami Vivekananda Chair
Central University of Jammu