Workshop on Entrepreneurship at CUJ
Oct 27, 2016

University Business Incubation Centre(UBIC), Central University of Jammu under its mission to inculcate spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students, organised a workshop on entrepreneurship for developing soft skills by Aaditya Kitroo, the co-founder of Jos&fine, the successful sustainable fashion start-up that has transformed Kashmir’s Pashmina handloom industry.
Kitroo, an MBA from Europe’s prestigious Rotterdam School of Management, who left his corporate career and returned to his native Jammu & Kashmir in order to revive its dying arts and crafts by scientifically transforming them into sustainable businesses; started with an interactive session in order to gauge student aspirations and tailored his presentation accordingly. He showcased how every product or service we use, is the work of a successful entrepreneur. This was followed by examples of successful start-up founders in India who have revolutionised industries that people thought were mature and dormant. He gave examples of how young people even in small tier 3 cities have innovated and brought sustainable change to communities. Students were given a simple flowchart to test a business idea and were presented with the different modes of financing available to start-ups.

This was followed a secondary session titled “Body language – your hidden superpower” wherein Kitroo enthralled the audience with practical presentations involving student volunteers, showcased different reactions to simple situations that had same context but had different body language. He stressed that in the business world, body language is of pivotal importance and in only less than a minute a basic sub-conscious impression of one’s personality is formed in the mind of another person. He stated “During normal business presentations, more than 50% of the effect is of body language and tonality of voice. One could have the best content in the world, but unless the words are effectively communicated, they hold no value”

Earlier, Chairperson, University Business Incubation Centre(UBIC), Dr Jaya Basin, welcomed the august gathering and participants. She informed that UBIC is functioning under the aegis of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Council (IIEC).She reiterated the importance of development of entrepreneurial spirit for sustainable development. She further informed that seven incubates have been registered, one IP has been initiated and the university innovation cell has mapped the medicinal diversity of the flora and fauna of the region. She further emphasised that such programs shall inculcate the requisite skills amongst the youth. It was informed that under the leadership of Prof Ashok Aima , Vice Chancellor, CUJ, the Central University of Jammu is scaling new heights. It is under his guidance that the CUJ has announced lecture series under IIEC. Further now, the centre also provides IPR support to the budding entrepreneurs.

Mr Rabinder Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism and Travel Managment , School of Business Studies, CUJ proposed a formal vote of thanks and reiterated the importance of body language especially in situations such as competitive exam interviews which many students will undertake upon graduating. All the Trustees, Deans, Faculty members, Scholars and Students attended the workshop. Dr Neelika Arora conducted the proceedings in the workshop.